Initial Consultation
Your first appointment will be spent conducting a complete orthodontic examination and discussing your options. There are different treatment methods depending on your needs and priorities. Some of our patients are recommended by their dentists for health reasons; others are looking for cosmetic improvement. ln selecting a method we will take into account your face and bone structure, your expectations of the final result and whether the time is right for you to begin treatment. Sometimes it is decided to defer treatment for a while; in these cases we will arange to see you again at a later date and there is no charge for any recall appointments.

If the time is right to begin, you will need to come to a records appointment so our nurses can take digital images, impressions and x-rays. This information is then analysed to finalise a treatment plan letter to you outlining all the details and costs involved.

Bandup (braces placed)
This is the day the braces will be fitted. This appointment will usually take an hour with Donna placing the braces followed by a discussion with the nurses who will explain care for your braces.

We will be seeing you to help guide your teeth about every 5-7 weeks. These appointments usually take 10 minutes. After school and work times are not possible for everyone each time. Please be prepared to be flexible with you appointment times and we will try to keep interferences with your commitments to a minimum.

Deband (Braces removed)
Once the phase of active treatment is completed it will be time for the braces to be removed. These appointments will usually be booked in school/work time. We allow 45 minutes to remove the braces and this procedure will involve removing your braces, polishing your teeth and taking photographs of your new smile We will take impressions of your teeth for our dental technicians to make your retainers.

Retainers are an important part of treatment after the braces are removed. Time is required for the bone and gum to settle around the new positions of the teeth. Retainers are a removable upper plate and/or bonded wire to the lower teeth. These retainers must be worn as directed.